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Keeping mothers safe against the odds

You are about to read a shocking statistic. In some parts of Africa it is estimated that one in 12 – that’s one in twelve – pregnant women die while attempting to give birth. And many babies die, either at birth or shortly afterwards.

By Barry Coleman, co-founder of Riders for Health

Marc and Alex Marquez

Fathers, Racing to Save Lives

What is it to be a father? Wanting to help your child to reach their potential but wanting to protect them.

Jan McCormack

Volunteer story: Jan McCormick

As a little girl, Jan was obsessed with wheels. Now she's found a way to live her dream. She works at Formula 1® but spends her spare time racing and volunteering for Two Wheels.

Lesotho Hills

A Tale of Two Villages: A Story of Life and Death in Lesotho

On a recent, sunlit Thursday morning, Maria Gonzalez, board member of Two Wheels for Life, stood beneath a tough old tree and looked at the insides of Lesotho. What she saw was a landscape that is unlike any other, anywhere.

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