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Ride-In details

Read carefully before joining us on the day

Information for 2023 Ride-In participants

The itinerary for the day is detailed below. Please remember to bring your entrance ticket(s) with you. It is your responsibility to make sure you are legal on the motorcycle you are riding. No one will be allowed entrance onto the track without a wristband which will be supplied to all riders and pillions once you have signed your disclaimer form at the Willoughby café. Please co-operate with any safety instructions given to you by Two Wheels For Life marshals or Silverstone staff. (Please take care to read the instructions on the front of your ticket and the notices on the reverse.)  

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE RIDE IN WILL BE MEETING AT THE WILLOUGHBY CAFÉ  London Rd, Willoughby, Rugby, Warwickshire (A45). The postcode for a satnav is CV23 8BL.  

PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOUR MOTORCYCLE HAS A FULL TANK OF PETROL TO COMPLETE THE RIDE IN TO SILVERSTONE / LAPS ON TRACKThe nearest petrol stations are in Daventry, 5 miles South of the meeting point, postcodes NN11 9DY or NN11 4EA.  If you do not have a satnav a marshal will direct you.

7.00 – 8.00am

Arrive at The Willoughby Café, Rugby, Warwickshire and park your bike in the rear car park. You will be directed to the registration team. You will be required to register and collect your wristband, high visibility vest & paddock credentials which will allow you entrance onto the track. The registration process MUST be completed, your wristband  and vest MUST be worn at all times on the ride in and is required to take part. 


Ride-in brief.  The ride-in will then leave promptly at 8.30am to the Super Sausage Café at Watling Street (A5), Potterspury, Nr Towcester, Northampton, NN12 7QD. Due to the tight time schedule dictated by the scheduled live track time allocated for the parade laps, the ride-in cannot wait for anyone arriving late.

10.30am (appx)

Arrive at the Super Sausage – If you have already completed the registration process, you can sit back, relax and enjoy a butty and a cup of tea. If you have not yet registered and still need your wristband to access the track, now is the time to find a Two Wheels for Life representative and register.  Before you re-group for the ride to the circuit, you will be briefed about your laps on track by a track official from Silverstone Circuit. Please pay attention.


The ride-in to Silverstone Circuit begins, please be on your motorcycle and ready to leave at this time.


On arriving at Silverstone Circuit you will be directed into the circuit to the holding area. When signalled by an official, you will then be guided onto the track. There may be some queuing at this point, so we ask for your patience. 

12.15 prompt

Allocated track time.  After two laps you will leave the track and be directed to the bike park. You can then enjoy the rest of your day at Day of Champions!

Briefing Notes

  1. Full protective clothing MUST be worn, i.e. full one or two piece leathers/two-piece textile suit, gloves, boots and helmet.  Riders or pillions wearing non-motorcycle jeans will not be permitted on track.
  2. The normal road laws apply on your journey from The Willoughby Café to Silverstone Circuit please comply with them at all times.
  3. The marshals are there for your safety. Please abide by their instructions at all times.
  4. On the final route from the Super Sausage Cafe to Silverstone you must stay behind the marshal line at all times. This is a health and safety requirement from Silverstone Circuit. Failure to do so will mean you are asked to leave the group before they go on track.
  5. The parade laps for the ride-in for 2023 at Silverstone will run with course cars. The course cars are there to run the ride-in as safely as possible.
  6. The course cars will determine the speed at which the parade laps will proceed. 
  7. Do not overtake the course car at any time.
  8. Do not hang back to allow yourself the distance to increase your speed.
  9. Please keep a safe distance from the bikes in front of you.
  10. At the end of your two laps the leading course car will stop at your exit point to indicate you must exit the track.

And finally to comply with health and safety regulations please observe this is a track parade not a track day and you must comply with all instructions given by marshals and officials and ensure no wheelies or stunts are pulled at any point during the ride-in, on or off the track,– thank you for your assistance.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you-we know you will have a fantastic day out. 

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