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The Solution

We make sure doctors, nurses and other health professionals across Africa can ALWAYS reach communities, no matter how poor or remote.

By working with partner programmes  throughout Africa we are able to provide health workers with vehicles and everything they need to make sure they are always ready to go and reliable; rider training, fuel, and most importantly regular vehicle maintenance.

Motorcycles are often used because they are uniquely suited to the job and environment.


“They say silence is golden. But if you live in a remote community in Africa, the most golden of sounds is the health worker’s motorcycle arriving in your village.”

Mphatso Kachule, Country Director, Riders for Health, Malawi

Lesotho, healthworker, mother, baby, newborn, motorcycleWith reliable transport, medical professionals can reach people whenever and wherever they are needed with care, supplies and education.  Women in dangerous labour and the sick get to health centres or hospitals in time, and critical tests for conditions such as HIV, AIDS and TB arrive at labs for diagnosis so patients can be put on treatment.

By working with locally run programmes, we are able to make sure healthcare reaches communities throughout Lesotho, Malawi, Nigeria and The Gambia.

We urgently need donations to help us reach more people with medical care and supplies.

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Film: Riders for Health, The Gambia

Film showing the impact of the Riders for Health programme in The Gambia whose work we support.

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Keeping mothers safe against the odds

You are about to read a shocking statistic. In some parts of Africa it is estimated that one in 12 – that’s one in twelve – pregnant women die while attempting to give birth. And many babies die, either at birth or shortly afterwards