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Healthworker riding motorcycle, The Gambia

Why Motorcycles?

People often ask us why we support programmes that use motorcycles. Well, it's not because they are our favourite vehicle. It's because they are uniquely suited to the job.

The Riders for Health programmes we support run motorcycles across seven countries. They are used by community health workers to reach villages and by sample transporters to collect and return test results.

The programmes we support use motorbikes originally designed for agricultural work. The Yamaha AG100  and AG200 are some of the most popular, but Honda and Suzuki motorcycles are also used. Designed to work well on unsurfaced roads, steep gradients and in any weather, they are perfect for the job. They cost approximately £2000 (or US$) are economical on fuel use and parts are inexpensive.

Jogob Gassama - community health worker on motorcycle, The Gambia

A health worker in the Gambia travelling between villages. The bike is idea for off road all year round. Come the rainy season dirt tracks like this will be unsurpassable by most forms of transport.

But why bikes, what about the alternatives?

Donkeys and bicycles are cheap, but they don’t offer the speed that a motorcycle can. And cars are comfortable and fast but they are expensive to buy and run and even 4x4s don’t cope well with much of the terrain that health workers must pass to reach communities in Africa.

Jogob with her motorcycle that she uses to cover 10 villages assessing the health of children and the elderly

Community Health workers often have 10 villages to look after and time is valuable. Travelling by foot wastes valuable time. Any time spent travelling is time that isn’t spent caring in the community. Sample transporters need to get biological samples (like blood and urine tests etc) to labs speedily.

They do have other vehicles, for instance,  larger 4×4 vehicles are needed to transport many health staff to run an outreach clinic, or an ambulance is required for emergency referrals.

Why are motorcycles the right vehicle?


    Cheap to buy and to run

    Much less expensive than a car or truck motorcycles cost approximately £2000 (or US$). They use less fuel and parts are cheaper.

  • FIT

    Well suited to the conditions

    Agricultural motorbikes originally designed for farm work are ideal for unsurfaced tracks and steep gradients.

  • FAST

    Get care delivered quickly

    For community health workers, time taken travelling is time not spent with the community and speedy diagnosis of test results is essential to beginning treatment.


Why Bikes are Best for Healthcare Delivery in Africa

Sal has been working with Riders for Health, whose programmes we support, since he was sixteen. Now he is head motorcycle technician at Riders for Health in the Gambia, Riders and a motorcycle rider himself.

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