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Our Impact

The programmes we support, run by Riders for Health (Riders), have been solving the problem of getting health care to communities in Africa for three decades. 

Riders for Health have hugely strengthened many countries’ healthcare systems by providing reliable and cost effective transport for their health workers. Riders work with Ministries of Health to improve their nations’ health; significantly reducing disease growth, curbing sudden outbreaks and working on specific countrywide and global health goals.

Community health worker serving their community, Riders For Health, The Gambia.

Two Wheels support Riders by providing funds for training, equipment and tools. We also support them with design and communication services, and staff training to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of their programmes.

Two Wheels for Life believes that every country in Africa could and should have such a system. Our work supports the expansion of Riders for Health’s programmes throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

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Health improvements in The Gambia

Since Riders began operating in The Gambia maternal mortality rates have dropped by a third and live birth rates have doubled, in no small part, due to Riders. Riders enable health professionals to be present at over 60% of births across the country. That’s up from less than 46% prior to Riders’ involvement.

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    Maternal mortality drops by one third

    In The Gambia

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    Live birth rates doubled

    In the Gambia

The work we support

Find out more about how Two Wheels for Life help the people of Africa in partnership with Riders for Health.