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Riders for Health

In 2016 Two Wheels for Life was formed in order to support Riders for Health, an African social enterprise set up by the same founding members as Two Wheels for Life almost 30 years earlier, in order to provide improved access to healthcare services across Africa by enhancing the mobility of health workers.

Riders’ offer award winning fleet management services to clients such as ministries of health and NGOs. Their unique system ensures vehicles are appropriately sourced, regularly maintained and fuelled, and riders and drivers trained to ride safely and maintain their vehicles, so they can reliably offer a lifesaving zero-breakdown solution for healthcare delivery.

The organisation is working towards financial sustainability but as an African social enterprise struggle to create the financial conditions to continually improve and grow the organisation as well as cover unexpected eventualities due to issues such as delays in payments from governments due poor government cash flow and fluctuating exchange rate.

Two Wheels for Life raises funds and builds networks to provide stability to the organisation covering costs that client fees can’t stretch to including funding growth of the organisation in areas such as technological upgrades, ongoing training, expansion to new regions and funding the costs of unexpected disasters such as wars, famine or storms.

The strategic partnership between Two Wheels for Life and Riders for Health exemplifies a forward thinking approach to the economic challenges faced by African organisations working to overcome healthcare delivery challenges in some of the continent’s most inaccessible regions.

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