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7 tips for selling used riding kit on eBay

Whether you’re selling motorcycle boots, gloves, jackets or trousers, these tips will attract more viewers to your listing and help you get more bids!

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Ready to start selling on eBay? Find out how to attract buyers and make the most for your item:

1. Brand alley

People like to know they’re buying quality, even if it is second-hand. Well regarded brands that have a history of making good quality gear like Alpinestars, Dainese, Belstaff are appealing as people know they’re getting quality.

2. The more (info) the merrier

eBay users are more likely to bid the more they know about the item. If they can’t find the information they want they’re likely to look elsewhere. So, even though it takes a bit of time, try to include as much information in the description as possible including, colour, size, material, measurements, condition, brand names and anything else that gives a better picture of the item.

3. Shed a little light

At the time of writing this vintage jacket was currently for sale on eBay.

Inside or outside, what’s important is that users can see the detail and pictures are crisp and bright so always take the photos in daylight and with the best light source you can find.

4. Measuring up

As sizes differ between brands and even within the same brand it’s always handy to add measurements as well as sizes. If you’ve got a tape measure handy, it should only take an extra minute to add thes

4. Nice & tidy

Always declutter your surroundings. You don’t need to do anything fancy (e.g. taking your photos on a white background). Just remove any clutter from the photo so potential bidders focus is drawn to the item you’re selling. It will make it seem better quality and valuable if it’s shown in a clear environment.

5. Keep it clean

This should be self explanatory but with boots, wash the removable parts before you put them online. Scarves, though less mucky, will also benefit from a wash.

6. Safety first

For motorcycle jackets or riding trousers check the internal armour to see if it’s cracked or broken. If it is, simply sell without the armour and state that it needs replacing. And don’t sell used helmets online, it’s not good practice to buy or sell second hand helmets due to the importance of them as safety items.

7. Donate for the win

By donating some (minimum 10%) of your sale to charity you get great benefits that will help your item sell. It will be displayed with a charity ribbon, making it more eye-catching for scrollers. Plus, you reduce your seller fees. Just choose “Two Wheels for Life” when offered the option to donate to charity.

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