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Motorcycle journal Meta, turns its focus to our live saving work on two wheels

Known for their gorgeous imagery and immersive motorcycle storytelling Meta gets to the heart of what we do and why.

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Riders for Health sample courier, Astron on the road, Monrovia by Tom Oldham.

Journalist Kyle Wagner’s article about our work tells our story from the beginnings.

“Can you imagine? Her arms and legs dangled over the side, and she had been pushed along for hours on these bumpy, rutted roads to give birth,” recalls former motorcycle racer Andrea Coleman, speaking from her home just outside of London. “It was unbearably hot and dusty, and my heart just hurt for her. I knew then that we really needed to do something.”

If you’re a motorcyclist who loves incredible motorcycle imagery and beautiful told tales of adventure consider getting a subscription to this fantastic publication.

Photography by Tom Oldham.

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