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Two Wheels for Life joins forces with Harley Owners Group for monster relay ride!

We are delighted that Harley Owners Group are running a charity relay ride covering almost 10,000 miles across 13 countries to raise funds for Two Wheels!

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Covering over almost 15,000km across 13 countries the event, named The Great Relay, is open to all motorcyclists – you don’t need to be a Harley-Davidson owner to join in. The ride will raise funds to support Riders for Health’s vital on-the-ground work in some of the most remote areas of Africa, using motorcycles to deliver healthcare.

The route

Contact your local Harley-Davidson dealership to find out details and timings of your local leg. Remember - all bikes are welcome!
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Northern Europe

21 May Launch at Warr's London            
26-May Moutfort Bastogne - Liège H-D Luxembourg - H-D Liège
27-May Liège Namur H-D Liège - H-D Namur
28-May Namur Mons H-D Namur - H-D Mons
29-May Mons - Roeselare H-D Mons - West-Flanders H-D
1-Jun Roeselare Gent West-Flanders H-D - H-D Gent
2-Jun Gent Zwijndrecht H-D Gent - American Lifestyle
3-Jun Zwijndrecht Goes American Lifestyle - MotoPort Goes
4-Jun Goes Nieuwerkerk a/d Ijssel MotoPort Goes - H-D Rotterdam
5-Jun Nieuwerkerk a/d Ijssel Vilvoorde H-D Rotterdam - RMC Classics
8-Jun Vilvoorde Geel RMC Classics - Silver Lake H-D
9-Jun Geel Kerkrade Silver Lake H-D - Dutch Hills H-D
10-Jun Kerkrade Den Bosch Dutch Hills H-D - Central H-D
12-Jun Den Bosch Alkmaar Central H-D - West Coast Motors
15-Jun Alkmaar Amersfoort West Coast Motors - Motor Saloon
16-Jun Amersfoort Heteren Motor Saloon - Big-Rivers H-D
17-Jun Heteren Hengelo Big-Rivers H-D - Oude Monnink Motors
18-Jun Hengelo Akkrum Oude Monnink Motors - Clubhouse Lakes Chapter
19-Jun Akkrum Hamburg Clubhouse Lakes Chapter - H-D Hamburg Nord
20-Jun Hamburg Rødding H-D Hamburg Nord - Custom Cycle H-D
21-Jun Rødding Århus Custom Cycle H-D - Cap's H-D Århus
22-Jun Århus Hirtshals - Larvik - Sandefjord Cap's H-D Århus - H-D Vestfold
23-Jun Sandefjord Stavanger H-D Vestfold - Stavanger
24-Jun Stavanger Nyborg Stavanger - H-D Bergen

The UK - England, Scotland & Wales

Note: All rides start at the first location at 9am, stop at the second location at 12 and finish at the final location at 2.30.

31-Jul HD Southampton to HD Plymouth
3-Aug HD Plymouth to Riders of Bridgwater
3-Aug Riders of Bridgwater to Riders of Bristol
3-Aug Riders of Bristol to HD Oxford
4-Aug HD Oxford to HD Reading
4-Aug HD Reading to HD Guildford
4-Aug HD Guildford to Sykes HD
5-Aug Sykes HD to HD Maidstone
5-Aug HD Maidstone to HD Lakeside
5-Aug HD Lakeside to Warrs Mottingham
6-Aug Warrs Mottingham to Warrs Kings Road
6-Aug Warrs Kings Road to HD Watford
6-Aug HD Watford to HD Newmarket
7-Aug HD Newmarket to HD Norwich
7-Aug HD Norwich to Sycamore HD
7-Aug Sycamore HD to Towcester
10-Aug Towcester to Birmingham
10-Aug Birmingham to HD Wolverhampton
10-Aug HD Wolverhampton to Stoke
11-Aug Stoke to Robin Hood HD Nottingham
11-Aug Robin Hood HD to Lincoln
11-Aug Lincoln to HarleyWorld Chesterfield
12-Aug HarleyWorld Chesterfield to HD Chester
12-Aug HD Chester to Bowker HD Preston
12-Aug Bowker HD Preston to HD Manchester
13-Aug HD Manchester to St Leger Doncaster
13-Aug St Leger Doncaster to HD Leeds
13-Aug HD Leeds to HD Gateshead
14-Aug HD Gateshead to HD Edinburgh
14-Aug HD Edinburgh to West Coast HD
15-Aug West Coast HD to Cairnryan Ferry
15-Aug Cairnryan Dock to HD Belfast
17-Aug HD Belfast to HD Dublin
17-Aug HD Dublin to HD Waterford
17-Aug HD Waterford to Rosslare
18-Aug Fishguard HD to Swansea
18-Aug HD Swansea to HD Cardiff
19-Aug HD Cardiff to HD Cheltenham
19-Aug HD Cheltenham to Oxford Hotel
20 Aug HD Oxford to HD Warrs London


Our limited edition, environmentally friendly t-shirt is a must for anybody taking part in The Great Relay 2021

We're releasing a very special t-shirt just for the ride plus other unique ride memorabilia including patches, helmets and banners.

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On May 21, 2021, H.O.G members will kick off the amazing relay ride in London and a brand-new Harley-Davidson Pan America adventure bike will lead the ride. All of the H.O.G chapters are local dealer-sponsored. The H.O.G is the largest motorcycle club in the world, with more than one million members.

Over the course of the ride up to 25,000 H.O.G members from 90 chapters will take part in the relay. After each stage the leading H.O.G chapter passes on the baton to the next chapter to continue the ride.

Covering 90 different stages across Northern Europe and the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, the 10,000 miles covered will travel from dealer to dealer with the Pan America moving between the stages to cover the whole journey.

“Harley owners are well known for their great fundraising work and Two Wheels for Life is honoured to be the charity they have chosen to raise funds to support our mission to use the motorcycle, the vehicle we all love, to give access to vital healthcare for people living in the toughest conditions across Africa.”

Two Wheels CEO Andrea Coleman

Covid safety

The nature of the relay lends itself well adhering to local corona guidelines.
Get involved

Whoever you are and whatever you ride, Harley-Davidson and its affiliated H.O.G chapters cordially invite you to join the Great Relay!  Help us reach our fundraising target!

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