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Help us spread the word about what we do and raise funds to support life-saving programmes in rural Africa.  

If motorcycles are your thing we’ve got lots of ideas for using your passion to support healthcare delivery in Africa. You could organise a ride or rally, donate old bikes, or get sponsored to take on a biking challenge. Or if you’re not a biker and you’re stuck for a fundraising idea don’t worry, have a look at some of our suggestions below, we’re here to support you.

Karaoke Party

Use your sing-a-long to raise money for your favourite cause. Have your karaoke party at your local pub and hire a proper machine, or keep it low key and host friends in your own home. There are lots of free karaoke apps and console games you could use to turn your TV into a karaoke screen. Make sure you have some good speakers and disco lights. If you really want to get into character ask your guests to dress up as their musical heroes!

Photo: Shane Markland

Go on a Bike Adventure

Whether you’ve challenged yourself to ride from Lands End to John O’Groats or to finally get on Route 66, you can turn your adventure into a fundraising mission. Set up a JustGiving page and get sponsored by friends, family, colleagues and local companies. You’ll need to factor in that you’ll need to pay the costs of your trip before you start raising money.

Get Sponsored 

You can be sponsored to do almost anything. How about trying to keep absolutely silent or only speaking a different language for one day. Grow or shave your beard, dress like a celebrity at work, enter a running or swimming challenge or walk up a mountain. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

BSA Motorcycle

Sell your Bike!

While we’d never really recommend ditching your bike, if the time comes to part with a beloved ride or even a whole collection, please consider donating the proceeds to Two Wheels. The money you raise could go a long way.


Motorcycle cupcakes

©Lisa Cunningham’s amazing motorcycle cupcakes, Cupcakes2Delite

Bake off

Cakes sales are always popular, after all, who doesn’t like a victoria sponge? And a bake off adds a bit more fun to the traditional bake sale. Hold yours at your office at lunchtime. Ask entrants to concoct their finest confections and find some ‘judges’ and award prizes e.g. tastiest cake, most beautiful cake and best cupcakes. Guests pay a few pounds to come to the bake off where they get to taste and vote for their favourites. You can also sell off the creations afterwards.

Day of Champions ride-inRun a Fundraising Rally

It’s hard to beat the fun of a motorbike rally. A great gang, spectacular views and an exhilarating ride, all ending with food, drink and maybe even entertainment. And it’s even better if you’re doing it to raise money for a good cause. Start yours in your local area by inviting local friends and bike clubs.

Quiz night 

Yours could be at the office, at home, at a village hall or an evening with friends at your local pub. Charge £5 or £10 per team to enter. Personalise it with bike themed questions, a guess-the-baby-photo round or a special theme to fit your crowd’s interests.

Still stuck

Don’t worry. Your idea can be big, small, wild, adventurous (or just plain silly). Try asking around as the best ideas will appeal to your friends and family because they’ll be the ones you’re asking to fork out. Don’t blame us if they want you to do something crazy!

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