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The Great Relay H.O.G ride raises €53,000

More than €53,000 (almost £48,000) was raised by the recent Harley Owners group "The Great Relay" charity ride that covered 10,000 miles across 13 European countries.

All of the money raised by H.O.G will be used by British-based charity Two Wheels for Life to carry on their life-saving work in some of the poorest and most remote regions of Africa.

Two Wheels will use the money to buy motorcycles, spare parts, and rider training for African partner Riders for Health.

The Great Relay total has now been confirmed as €53,188. One chapter alone, The Bridge Chapter from The Netherlands raised over €11k, with incredible totals raised from other chapters such as Scotland’s Dundin Chapter at €6.4k . The H.O.G members responsible for the biggest contributions will visit The Gambia in early 2022 to see for themselves the life-saving work that their fundraising has contributed to.

The Great Relay saw 25,000 H.O.G members from 90 chapters take part in the ride with each chapter handing the baton onto the next as a Harley-Davidson Pan America motorcycle led the way.


Above: A big thank you to all who took part. We are totally overwhelmed by your ambition and generosity!

The ride took place over 90 stages across Northern Europe, the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and included travelling to the most northerly part of Europe at Nordkapp.

“Harley-Davidson owners and H.O.G have always been generous and kind when it comes to raising money for Two Wheels for Life and Riders for Health, and The Great Relay has only reinforced that relationship. “There have been H.O.G chapters that have raised enormous amounts of money and there are also personal fundraising activities that have touched us deeply too. “We’ve had an incredibly challenging fundraising situation since the pandemic struck as it has stopped us raising anywhere near what we would normally. The Great Relay has been a huge benefit and we are hugely thankful to Harley-Davidson and all of the H.O.G members and chapters who took part.”

Andrea Coleman, Two Wheels CEO

Where will the money raised by The Great Relay go?

All of the money raised by The Great Relay and H.O.G will go to life-saving programmes in some of the poorest and most remote areas of Africa thanks to the work of Two Wheels’ charity partner, Riders for Health.

Riders is battling a huge rise in Covid-19 cases across many parts of the areas it covers in Africa. The work being done with fighting Covid is on top of the normal life-saving work that goes on in the same areas.

Charity income for Two Wheels has taken a huge hit with the cancellation of the 2020 Day of Champions event that normally runs a day before the British MotoGP™ event at Silverstone. Due to the coronavirus pandemic the British MotoGP™ event was cancelled and with it, Day of Champions.

Two Wheels are also the official charity of the FIM and MotoGP™ and with their support are able to run unique events and give motor racing fans access to exclusive experiences and unique moto-memorabilia. The projects supported mean that health workers can reach the most isolated people with the health care they so desperately need.

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