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30 year anniversary tee

Special Edition Tees Celebrate 30 Years of Day of Champions

The design that celebrates the winners of the 500cc and MotoGP racing series for the past 30 years and the sport’s support of using motorcycles to save lives in Africa.

Printed on organic, sustainable cotton these are of a superior quality the design is embedded in the shirt itself giving the shirt a soft feel.

We’ve created 300 of these special t-shirts in a limited run. When they’re gone they’re gone, so get yours now!

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Day of Champions 30 limited edition tees

Day of Champions 30 limited edition tees modelled by photographer and biker Will Carr. Photos by Olli Knopp, Wolli Films and t-shirt design by Two Wheels for Life in collaboration with Fountainhead Design.

Two Wheels for Life is a charity that raises money to fund life-saving programmes in sub-Saharan Africa.  Our work means health workers can bring health care to rural areas, no matter how poor or remote. All proceeds from these t-shirts are used to support these programmes.

Day of Champions 30 limited edition tees

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