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Fabio Quartararo Visor Tear-Off raises £4250

The visor tear-off discarded by Fabio Quartararo that ended the MotoGP™ race of rival Jack Miller at Misano last month, was auctioned off by UK-based charity Two Wheels for Life and sold for an incredible £4250.

The auction was only able to happen thanks to the generosity and quick-thinking of MotoGP™ racer Jack Miller, who kept the tear-off after it was sucked into the air intake of his Pramac Ducati and disabled his bike. Miller then donated the tear-off for Two Wheels for Life to auction off.

Jack Miller's tear off

The winning bid of £4250 was made by an Australian MotoGP™ fan who wishes to remain anonymous. The buyer was one of the earliest bidders and kept up the pressure to win the auction.

Despite not wanting to be named, the buyer did explain why they were so keen to spend so much money on a disposable visor tear-off!

They said: “Having a tear-off going into the air intake of another bike at a track – and at the speeds these boys are doing – is absolutely amazing in itself and therefore in my mind makes it one of the most unique pieces of race memorabilia there is.

“Being a huge MotoGP™ fan, I like all the riders and have huge appreciation for what skills and talents they have. However, I am a Jack Miller fan with Fabio Quartararo a close second.

“I have been very lucky in my life and, with a little bit of hard work of course, I am now in a position where I can help others not so fortunate. The fact my funds go to charity sits very well with me. Maybe I would not have paid quite as much had it not have been for such a good cause.”

Miller was delighted at the amount raised. He told Two Wheels: “It’s great to be able to do this for such a great charity as Two Wheels for Life. There was an amazing response from the bidders and it’s great that we can turn such a small piece of plastic into such a great donation to such a good charity.”

What would you buy with 4,687 Euros?

For some the tear-off is just a piece of plastic, but for passionate MotoGP™ fans it’s a unique piece of motorcycle racing history. One lucky Aussie placed the winning bid in our online auction last weekend and is now the happy owner of this incredible piece of moto memorabilia.

At a time when supporting the programmes in Africa has never been more crucial and COVID-19 is having a detrimental impact worldwide, one person‘s passion for the sport will now save lives on the other side of our planet.

Two Wheels for Life has been asked by Riders for Heath whose programmes we support, to supply specially designed top-boxes for the back racks on the motorcycles used by sample transport couriers in Lesotho. The boxes will play a crucial part in transporting COVID-19 swaps to the labs safely from the remote, mountainous areas of Lesotho.

The 20 top-boxes will cost €6000 so the sum that is being raised by the tear-off will make a huge difference to the front- line health workers and to the people who so desperately need help at this time.

In the absence of our usual fundraising activities within MotoGP™ and the considerable loss of funds raised throughout the year, the continued support from the riders and teams has never been more valuable.

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