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Day of Champions 2018 Silverstone Ride In

British Bikers Assure African Programmes "You Have Not Been Forgotten"

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As we approach the date of what would have been the British MotoGP™, the loyal volunteers who run the Day of Champions ride-in each year are insisting that despite Covid-19 putting a major spanner in their fundraising plans, they won’t let this year go without finding a way to support their beloved charity.

Ride-in, Day of Champions, UK

The Day of Champions, ride-in sweeps through the English countryside 2019

The Silverstone British MotoGP™ has been cancelled, for the summer at least, along with our Day of Champions fundraising event. This leaves a big hole in Two Wheels’ usual funding as the event usually accounts for 60% of our income. This is why this big-hearted team of bikers are keen to do something to reassure the Riders staff and the communities in Africa that we are united in showing that motorcycles save lives.

The group have planned to run a small and safe fundraising ride-out and encourage others to join them remotely to raise as much as they can to plug the funding gap!

This is the letter that the team have written to the staff in the African programmes across The Gambia, Lesotho, Malawi, Liberia and Nigeria.

    Dear Riders For Health family,
    With the outbreak of Covid-19 we are unable to raise money as we usually do, but we will not let COVID-19 stop us supporting the valuable work that you do.
    Whatever it takes you can be assured that we will be riding to support you! You haven’t been forgotten.
    Keep up the great work.
    Chris Stansfield, David Morris and the DOC ride-in team

The team have also created a video message to with the African programmes from all the ride-in volunteers. The message sends support for the programmes and all their staff in five countries who are working exceptionally hard as the pressures of Covid-19 are added to their workload.

Want to take part?

  • Jump on your bike and go for a 48½ mile ride (the normal Day of Champions ride-in route distance).
  • Make an online donation
  • Post a picture of yourself on social media with the hashtag #MotorcyclesSaveLives.
  • For more information contact [email protected]

Note: all images shown here are from previous year’s events. This year’s event will allow riders to take part remotely. Riders are asked to follow the government’s social distancing and safety guidelines at all times.




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