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Written & signed by Mat Oxley

The marriage of the bicycle and the internal combustion engine changed the world forever. A bit more than a century ago mankind was agog to the new thrill of petroleum explosions and ever-increasing velocity.

This book tells the story of the early years of our love affair with motorcycles and speed, when heroic pioneer racers hurtled into the unknown: in 1896 Britain’s first motorcycle race was won at 27mph, by 1937 the world record stood at a staggering 173mph.

Speed: The One Genuinely Modern Pleasure races from Britain’s Isle Man TT and Brooklands to America’s so-called murderdromes and far beyond, bringing to life a unique era, when our ancestors were in thrall to a brave new technology.

Mat Oxley is a journalist and author who has been writing about going fast on motorcycles for more than thirty years. He is an Isle of Man TT winner.



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