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Motorcycle gathering Photo by Michael Kwarteng on Unsplash

Motorcycle Fundraising

If you love bikes and care about getting care to people in Africa then this is the challenge for you. We can’t wait to hear what you’re getting up to.

Day of Champions ride-inRun a Fundraising Rally

It’s hard to beat the fun of a motorbike rally. A great gang, spectacular views and an exhilarating ride, all ending with food, drink and maybe even entertainment. And it’s even better if you’re doing it to raise money for a good cause. Start yours in your local area by inviting local friends and bike clubs.


Photo: Shane Markland

Go on a Bike Adventure

Whether you’ve challenged yourself to ride from Lands End to John O’Groats or to finally get on Route 66, you can turn your adventure into a fundraising mission. Set up a JustGiving page and get sponsored by friends, family, colleagues and local companies. You’ll need to factor in that you’ll need to pay the costs of your trip before you start raising money.


BSA Motorcycle

Sell your Bike!

While we’d never really recommend ditching your bike, if the time comes to part with a beloved ride or even a whole collection, please consider donating the proceeds to Two Wheels. The money you raise could go a long way.



You may want to donate if:
  • You’ve decided to stop riding
  • You have too many bikes (this is actually possible)
  • Your bike is valuable and you want to see the money put to a good cause
  • You don’t want the pain of selling a used bike: placing ads, phone calls, waiting for people to come and view, wrangling over the price
  • You’ve inherited the bike but have no need for it.

Depending on the age, value and vintage of your bike we can advise on the easiest route to take to turning your motorcycle into cash.


Collette Coleman’s Great Motorcycle Journeys of the World, Great Motorcycle Tours of Europe and Ride Out!: Motorcycle Roadtrips and Adventures are all packed full of challenging rides.

These links have some great tips and ideas for organising a ride or rally.


What Next?

If you’re planning a fundraising mission please let us know. Whether it’s one of the ones we’ve suggested or something completely different we’d love to hear about it.


Two Wheels can offer support including providing branded clothing and we may be able to promote your mission in our newsletter and via our website.

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